I Think I Feel a Sale Coming On!

Hopefully by now you’ve heard that we will be hosting a Star Wars X-Wing Tournament this Saturday at Noon. If not, check out our facebook event here. What you probably haven’t heard is that coinciding with this event we are putting much of our Table Top Table contents on sale at 10% off. This sale applies to anything on the Table Top Table with the words X-Wing, Attack Wing, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pathfinder, or DnD written on it. This is a great time to pick up a core rulebook you’ve been thinking about, or one of the new ships.

Buy List is Updated

After what has seemed like a very long time, the standard buy list has been updated.

It can be found by following this link or through the ‘links’ page.

It’s Catching On!

After the rousing success that was our first organized play for Star Wars: X-Wing we’re happy to announce that we will be doing it again. Starting at 11:00AM on Saturday, September 19th we’ll be opening our doors for as many 100pt fleets as wish to enter. We had 13 participants in the last event, ad we’re excited to outdo that. $5 entry fee which will be doubled before getting paid out in store credit, along with various random prizes at Ethan’s behest.

Cosmic Comics will be closed July 4th in observation of Independence Day. Have a wonderful Saturday and stay safe!

Attention tournament attendees. Our Dragon’s of Tarkir Drafts have been cancelled for the next three weeks due to poor projected attendance. Origins Prerelease sign ups are going on now.
Also: Our Sunday Modern event is cancelled on the 28th of June (this Sunday) due to a PPTQ in Langley that day. Modern will resume on the 5th in anticipation of our July 18th PPTQ!

Saturday Afternoon Magics

I’d be lying if I said this didn’t sneak up on me. DRAGONS OF TARKIR GAME DAY IS THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!1one11 That means we’ll have a standard tournament starting at noon. $6.50 to enter, full FNM prize support plus some jazzy promos. Hope to see you there!

The last round is in the books and the winner has been determined. Congratulations to Stephen Peters and good luck at the regional!

The draft will be begin at 6:00PM!

PPTQ/Internation Tabletop Day Sale!

In celebration of International Tabletop Day and our Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier this Saturday we’ll be offering 20% off all board game and table materials and substantial discounts on select MTG singles (ask about them, for real, our foil student of warfare is 25% of Card Kingdom’s price.) this Friday Saturday and Sunday.

and in case you haven’t heard, we’re having a PPTQ this Saturday! It’ll start at noon and is $15.00 to enter. $100 store credit and a chance to go to a regional PTQ await the winner!

We will be open at midnight on Thursday (technically Friday morning) to divvy out DTK Preorders and to run a release draft!

We will have Friday night magic starting at 6:30 (with Dragons finally legal). There will be no release event standard on Saturday or Saturday Night Draft, as the store will need to close at 4:00 this Saturday.

Sunday we’ll be open from noon to five and will be hosting our weekly yu-gi-oh! tournament, as per usual.

Sunday Night Modern and our March Patch Notes

Sunday Night Modern will begin this Sunday (march 15th) at 6:00. Note that this is an hour after closing, so the front door may be locked until 15 minutes before the event begins. I’ll do my best to be here at five, and just let the store stay open, but I’ll definitely have it open by 5:45. Our first sessions will be $5 to enter with 50% of the prize pool going to first place, 25% to second place, and 12.5% to each third and fourth. I’ll definitely be looking for feedback on how our participants would like future events to be structured.

March MTG Patch notes:

– The threshold for adding a fifth round to our constructed ‘graduated prize structure’ has been reduced from 32 to 29. Twice in the last three weeks we have had a player go 3-1 without making the top 8, and that is not supposed to happen. This change will reduce the frequency of that occurrence.

– Wednesday Booster Drafts are no longer being held. This change happened a while ago, but attendance on Wednesdays was low enough that it’s likely no one noticed. Now it’s official.

– Saturday Booster Drafts are having their price elevated to $15. Prizes will only be paid out at the end of the tournament, instead of on a ‘per round’ basis, and the overall prize pool is being reduced by half a pack per player. Our margins were so slim that even a change as small as having an odd or even number of players significantly affected us.

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