Deadline to register Online.

As we’ve mentioned repeatedly, you can (and should) pre register for our PPTQ this saturday either in the store or by following the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier link on the table on the left side of the page. What has not been mention is that the button on that page (the one for online pre registration {which you should really do}) will come down Friday night at 8:00 PM. If you have not registered by then (which you might as well do) make sure you get to the event early (between 8:30 and 9:30) so that we can get you registered before the player meeting begins.

We’re Hosting a PrePTQ!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to praise PPTQs, not to bury them.
The prizes of a tournament live after them;
The frustrations oft forgotten on the drive home;
So let it be with PPTQs!


*Ahem* Now that’s out of my system.

As a PTQ grinder, the whole concept of a PPTQ (where first place gets an invitation to a regional PTQ) is frustrating. It’s hard enough to spike one tournament, much less two. As a store, getting the opportunity to organize and run my own PPTQ, I get a chance to put away some of that angst and replace it with problem solving. In order for PPTQs to be worth the time of a grinder the tournament needs to be worth your time in its own right. Gone are the days where 2nd place goes home with 12 packs. We get a chance to host a real tournament with real prizes. That’s why I’m proud to announce that our event will be paying out more than $800 in prizes.

Please check out our ‘Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier’ link (it’s under ‘Magic’ on the menu to the left). Our event is January 31st, and if we can get rousing support for this event, we’ll be able to bring you another awesome tournament next season.

Unfortunately, still no drapes.

We are very pleased to announce that we’re getting new carpeting at the store. That is why we were closed on New Years Day (Well, that and sleeping off an evening of Ne’er-do-well’ing). It turns out that much of Friday morning on the 2nd will be spent getting all the pieces back where they belong, so we will be closed until 4:00 PM on that day.

We are, however, still doing FNM, so you’re more than welcome to come to that, play some standard, and check out the new, expanded play space. Starts at 6:30.

Friday Night Magic Patch Notes!

We are rolling out some changes regarding our Friday Night Magic events, but I would like to stress two things before diving into the patch notes:

1.) These changes go into effect December 26th, so our tournament this Friday will be exactly as it has always been.

2.) If these changes go as intended, you will not notice a difference.

Now, having cleared that up, lets move on to the changes.

1.) FNM is now scheduled to start at 6:30 instead of 6:00. This is designed to help out out 9-5′ers of the world, particularly those who commute from Lynden.

2.) If you pay your FNM entry fee in store credit, it will cost an additional $2.50. I repeat: the price will remain at $6.50 if you pay in cash/debit/credit, but will rise to $9.00 if you pay in store credit.

3.) The Guaranteed prize structure that we’ve all come to know and love is turning into a graduated prize structure based on attendance. The details of which can be found at friday-night-magic page (there is a link on the bar to the left, see it?)
NOTICE: the prize structure remains identical for events with 25 – 36 participants.

Lydia Place Toy Drive

We’re pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Lydia Place to put on a toy drive to help bring Christmas to the people and families that use their services. Starting immediately and lasting through December 22nd, for each toy or game donated in good condition, we will also donate one item of the same type.

Stop by and make a donation. If you don’t have anything to donate, then buy something, and donate it. We will not be accepting cash donations.

Sweepstakes Complete!

We would like to announce that Cory Jones is the winner of our Sunday giveaway, which marks the completion of our Black Friday Sale and Raffle. A recap of the winners is as follows:

Drawing Giveaway Duration Prize/Winner

1.) Friday 28th 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Zombie Munchkin / Gareth DiPentima

2.) Friday 28th 2:00 PM – Close 3 Disc Starter Set / Tristan Wine

3.) Saturday 29th 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Fantastic 4 Trade Paperback / Mark Tuori

4.) Saturday 29th 2:00 PM – Close Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set / Charles Zins

5.) Sunday 30th 12:01 PM – Close From the Vaults: Annihilation / Cory Jones

All winners have until close on Friday to pick up their prizes.
Thanks to everyone who participated, we hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Good luck staying warm.

Drawing Results Through Saturday

We’ve had a couple excellent days of sale here at cosmic comics. Our half priced table is wasting away, comics are flying off the shelves, board games are finding new homes, and we’re giving away some fabulous prizes. If you haven’t heard, these are the winners of the first 4 Raffles.

Zombie Munchkin / Gareth DiPentima

3 Disc Starter Set / Tristan Wine

Fantastic 4 Trade Paperback / Mark Tuori

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set / Charles Zins

From the Vaults: Annihilation / TBD

That leaves only Sunday to come by and get your chance to win. We’ll be open from Noon to Five, and we hope to see you there!

Friday Night Magic!

Last Friday (October 17th) we saw an outstanding turnout of 38 participants. This week we’ll clear off another table, and be able to support 42-44 players (which I don’t anticipate, but feel the need to be prepared for.)

Next Friday is Halloween. I anticipate a smaller turnout, and want to do something special. It may just be a night of standard, candy, and maybe costumes, but I’m curious to see if any of you have any wonderful ideas about how we should celebrate the night. Drop a comment, and I’ll be sure to consider it.

Until next time, enjoy this picture of Halli Forsman’s Jack-o-Lantern of sorts ‘Gourdy the Gallant Goblin’



I want to suggest to all comic subscribers and could-be subscribers that they take a look at the following link.

At this site you can find a list of all the comics that are available to be ordered. This does not mean that we’ll have all of these in stock, but if you let us know that you want a copy, we can make sure we get one when they come out. This link will also be available on our ‘links’ page, so feel free to check it out weekly/monthly/whenever to stay current on upcoming issues.

Friday, September 26th marks the release of Khans of Tarkir. Our FNM tonight is standard, meaning the legal sets include Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey into Nyx, Magic 2015, and Khans of Tarkir. The event is $6.50 and begins at 6.


You should anticipate 4-5 rounds of Swiss followed by a cut to the top 8. Players will receive 1 booster pack as a prize for a match win in each of the first three swiss rounds. Top 4 prize payout is as follows.

1st – $100 store credit and a Promo Banishing Light
2nd – $50 store credit and a Promo Banishing Light
3rd/4th – $15 store credit and some booster packs
5th/8th – Some booster packs.

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