Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier on June 11th!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting a standard PPTQ starting at noon on June 11th. There is more information if you follow the similarly named link of the bar to the left. Hope to see you and tell your friends!

Our Sunday Modern tournaments have struggling. Due to being cancelled multiple times a month (due to Comedy shows, holidays, set releases, etc.) our player base has been uncertain whether or not the event was happening any given week.

Sunday Modern will happen today, and it will start at 5:30PM.

After today, Sunday evening modern will be cancelled for the rest of the summer. We’ve got something in mind that we’ll be unveiling next fall, but it will be noticeably different from our current Modern tournament process.

I hope to see you tonight! Otherwise, I’ll be seeing you at Dark Tower Games Modern and Wednesdays, and perhaps their Modern Friday Night Magics as well.


Upcoming Weekend Events.

Sunday, March 20th will be our Cosmics Comedy Event part two! February’s show went as well as we could have hoped, and we’re excited to bring it back. Unfortunately, that means Sunday Night Modern will not be happening that day.

Sunday, March 27th the store will be closed, and all events that day are canceled.

Saturday April 2nd, and Sunday April 3rd will be Shadows Over Innistrad Prerelease weekend. Click on the link to the left for a comprehensive schedule of prerelease events. All other scheduled events that weekend are cancelled.

Recap for our regularly scheduled events
Yu-Gi-Oh! will occur on March 20th, and will then be dormant until April 10th
Modern will be dormant until April 10th

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Buylist update!

Our standard buy list has once again been updated. Like always, you can access it by following the ‘buy list’ link on our links page, or you can just follow the URL posted below

Cosmic Comedy

This Sunday night we’ll be hosting a Cosmic Comedy event! This means our regularly scheduled Modern M:tG event is cancelled, but that’s a small price to pay to get to see these local comics do ‘comic comedy’ at Cosmic Comics. Hope to see you here

Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease!

It’s that time of the year again, so here is our prerelease schedule.

Friday the 15th
Midnight Sealed

Saturday the 16th
Noon Sealed
5PM Two Headed Giant
10PM Draft

Sunday the 17th
Noon Sealed
5PM Draft

Our sealed events are $26
Our 2HG events are $26 per player
our drafts are $15

Happy Birthday!

We’re turning 23! Starting this Monday (the 23rd, get it?) and going through the end of the month most things in the store are 23% off! We’ll be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving, but that still gives you 7 days to take advantage of the great deals.

Offer is not valid on randomized sealed CCG products, food, tournament entry fees or gift certificates, but does extend to books, singles, precons, figures, ships, comics and supplies.

As always, purchases using store credit are not eligible for sale prices.

X-Wing Tournament, Saturday the 21st!

Saturday the 21st of November we will be having one of our classic ‘whenever we get around to it’ X-Wing Tournaments. After much positive feedback from you, the players, we have decided to open our doors at 9:30 AM and to start the tournament at 10:00 AM. Those extra hours will give us a chance to run an additional round (or two, if necessary). The event is still just $5 to enter and the fleet size will be 100 points.

I Think I Feel a Sale Coming On!

Hopefully by now you’ve heard that we will be hosting a Star Wars X-Wing Tournament this Saturday at Noon. If not, check out our facebook event here. What you probably haven’t heard is that coinciding with this event we are putting much of our Table Top Table contents on sale at 10% off. This sale applies to anything on the Table Top Table with the words X-Wing, Attack Wing, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pathfinder, or DnD written on it. This is a great time to pick up a core rulebook you’ve been thinking about, or one of the new ships.

Buy List is Updated

After what has seemed like a very long time, the standard buy list has been updated.

It can be found by following this link or through the ‘links’ page.

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